Aims and Scope

The journal of Town and Country Planning is intended to expand the empirical and field research of territorial investigators and provide an appropriate support and conditions in this area.

Its scope will include the following topics areas:

- Town and Country Planning;

- Regional planning;

- Assessment and Implementation of Territorial Planning Projects;

- Pathology of spatial, demographic and economic conditions of regions (spatial imbalances fallow and marginalization, social segregation, which increases the population);

- Management of organizations and institutes of territorial planning;

- Techniques, Methods and Strategies for Territorial Planning (GIS, Decentralization, Land Administration. etc.);

- Design and Evaluation of the plans and Documentation (Territorial Plan, Master Plan and Detail plan etc.);

- Design and layout of networks and communication infrastructures (railways, roads);

- Urban and Rural zones planning;

- Empirical and comparative studies on spatial planning;

- Study and evaluation of spatial, geographic and demographic data;

- Locating and zoning of spaces and activities;

- Assessment and Implementation of territorial Planning Projects.