Peer Review Process

Review Process (Double- Blind Review Process)

All manuscripts must be submitted to Town and Country Planning (JTCP) web-based submission site. Please refer to Guide for Authors before you begin. The author who completes the submission will be designated as the corresponding author and will be responsible for handling communications with Town and Country Planning (JTCP) . Co-corresponding authors may be designated on the proofs for accepted articles. The submitting author has full authority to speak for all other authors regarding withdrawal of a manuscript or correction or retraction of a published article. 

At the time of submission, authors will be asked to direct their manuscript to one of Town and Country Planning (JTCP) sections. Authors may request specific Associate Editor and Reviewer, but editor assignments will be made based on expertise of the editors, load, and scheduling. Accepted manuscripts will appear in the section selected by the authors, regardless of editor assignments.

Authors are requested to identify two reviewers who are well qualified to referee the work and would not have a conflict of interest. The Associate Editor will typically select two independent reviewers to evaluate each paper. If a consensus is not reached, a third opinion may be sought. Reviewers are required to treat manuscripts as confidential.

Manuscripts will be returned without outside review if The Associate Editor deems that the paper is of insufficient general interest for the broad readership of Town and Country Planning (JTCP), or that the scientific quality is such that it is unlikely to receive favorable reviews. Editorial rejection allows authors to submit their papers elsewhere without further delay.

There is a submission or processing charges at Town and Country Planning (JTCP).